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These are preliminary notes, as the AU is sort of in development.

* The story starts the way it usually does - a family of aerialists who fall to their deaths because of extortion, leaving their son orphaned. Except, this time, it doesn't happen in Gotham. It happens in the city where a boy called Joe Wilson lives, somewhere down under. He's also lost his father, under mysterious circumstances - and he makes friend with the newly orphaned Dick Grayson.

* When Slade comes back from the island and starts on his mission to destroy Oliver Queen, his son's friend catches his eye, with his intelligence, agility, and eagerness to please. He takes in the boy for a brief but pretty brutal apprenticeship, using the teenager for various missions around the world. Despite the harshness of the missions, Dick's loyalty to the older man, based on admiration and the need to finally be useful, to be something, again - the loyalty borders on complete.

* However, when he's in the US for one of those jobs, in Vegas, he meets a slightly older teen, one Wally Smoak, who, through impatience and curiosity, figures out the kind of fix Dick is willingly staying in and - sloppy and teen as it may be - helps him disappear from Slade Wilson's immediate sights. As Slade is way too focused on his mission, he doesn't pursue.

* Dick winds up in Gotham, catching another adult's interest, for basically the same reasons, adding recklessness and general need for direction, and Bruce Wayne takes him in. The boy becomes Gotham's darling and Batman's sidekick by night, merging the story with most versions again. He does remain friends with Wally.

* In public, it'd be really, really ambiguous if the friendship with Wally has changed over the years. They're not hiding the different kind of attachment between them on purpose, but they never think to express it when there are people watching. TBD if that's exclusive on either side.


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